5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Braces Clean

Your braces are on your teeth for a short time; but the lifetime value of having a healthy, happy smile makes it all worthwhile.

With braces, good oral hygiene becomes even more important.  Brackets and wires can trap plaque which can lead to gum inflammation, decay and decalcifications (white spots on your teeth)

We’re here to make your orthodontics experience pleasant and easy to deal with. Consider these 5 tips for keeping your braces clean.

  1. If you are at risk for tooth decay (most of us are), a high-fluoride mouth rinse such as Act Braces Care can help minimize the risk of decay and white spots.

  2. Gum Probrush Go-Betweens are specially designed to remove plaque from areas commonly missed by brushing alone. It’s fairly easy to go under and between braces to keep your mouth healthy and clean. These small brushes are also great for people with bridges, implants, and other orthodontic appliances.

  3. Everyone, including those with braces, should brush after every meal and before bedtime.  Products like Waterpik Water Flosser allow orthodontics patients to easily clean around braces and wires with little hassle.  To make brushing easier, Oral B (a favorite at Dr. Adam White’s dental office) makes a great, inexpensive electric toothbrush and brush heads designed specifically for braces.

  4. You can also use Super Floss to keep your braces, and mouth, super clean.

  5. See your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. It’s especially important to keep your dentist in the loop if he/she is not in the same dental practice where your orthodontics needs are met.